Monday, December 9
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  • Tarrant posted in the group Hot Topics

    3 weeks ago

    The Daily Northwestern did what journalists do and took pictures and names. It led to quite the hubbub and an apology. I rolled my eyes as I saw the breathless coverage of the story. Why? I attended a women’s college in D.C. Part of the convocation festivities was a presentation on protests in D.C.–what you need to know, how to be arrested, ramifications of public protest, etc. This information was again repeated and disseminated via handouts on campus and a presentation held when the protests against the Gulf War were gearing up in 1991.
    The information was timely, useful, and balanced student safety and free speech. I never thought it was unique to my experience of college. That said, I haven’t seen it again. I believe that one of my kids did get an email from her school leading up to the Women’s march –but not all of them.

    I would love to know how your institution handles protests, rallies, civil disobedience, and protest marches. Do you inform students about photography/videography in public spaces? Do you let them know how to protest safely? How does your institution prepare student activists or react to them?

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