Monday, December 9
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  • Tarrant posted in the group Hot Topics

    1 month ago

    A recent story on how social media and the always on media of this era is causing schools to lose control of their story caught my eye. Granted, it caught my eye because it name-checked Oberlin and involved food. I had an Oberlin daughter and they really hated the food and eventually joined a co-op.

    But, it also grabbed me for another reason. Being tangentially connected to colleges and universities since the late 80s means I remember when press stories were pretty tightly controlled and carefully meted out via the campus press office. Sure, there were stories picked up from the student paper, but really everything was rubber-stamped before it made even the local news. But now, Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and more mean that a story is in front of potentially millions of eyes in minutes without going through fact-checks or even anyone in administration knowing about an incident, a problem, or even praise.

    Does your school have a social media policy regarding use by faculty and staff? students? How does your school handle press coverage?

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