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Impacts of Immigration Policy in the U.S.: Supporting your International Students and Campus

As the new school year starts, many campuses may be experiencing another year of declining new international student enrollments, feeling pressure to invest more...

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Why Higher Education Leaders Need to Champion Internationalization

Internationalization is a very broad term that describes a variety of activities on a college campus. International students have long been an on-campus version...

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Internationalizing higher education: How new regulations impact international students

by Fatma Katr Globalization continues to shape today’s higher education institutions worldwide through internationalization, fostering global connections, and strengthening academic leadership. Many of these institutions...

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Maximizing the Impact of Experiential Learning: Empowering Students by Developing Transferable Skills in the Classroom First

The following article describes an approach to maximizing the impact of experiential learning by first developing transferable skills in the context of in-class activities. The...

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Strategic Planning: Effective Prioritizing

Priorities, and initiatives designed to support those priorities, are often forgotten or neglected because of the demands of ongoing operations, unexpected challenges and opportunities,...

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