Wednesday, January 29

The Increasing Relevance of Honor Codes


by Kimberly Yavorski

The recent admissions cheating scandals highlight a potential crisis in academia, indicating that perhaps we need to place more focus on personal responsibility and good citizenship—in effect, to restore “honor” to our campuses.

For centuries, honor codes have made honorable behavior an expectation; a number of schools have added their own versions of an honor code over the past few decades. This article looks at the following facets of this topic:

  • The honor code tradition
  • Is an honor code still relevant?
  • Honor codes are different from  academic honesty policies
  • Honor codes do more than reduce cheating
  • Clarify what constitutes academic dishonesty
  • Make the honor code part of daily life
  • Make it easy to be honest
  • Make students part of the process
  • Building a culture of trust

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