Saturday, February 27

Ed Tech Spotlight: Virtue Analytics


Virtue Analytics Enrollment Management platform allows educational institutions to leverage the power of machine learning and predictive modeling to make better decisions across the admissions process. Customized to the institution’s environment, Virtue provides student-specific recommendations, related to admissions, financial aid & retention, enabling better outcomes for the student and delivering increased revenue to the institution.

Historically, Admissions Departments have relied on intuition, guesswork, and Excel spreadsheets to determine the amount of financial aid to offer in a manually intensive, sub-optimized manner. With Virtue, these decisions are enhanced, automated using self-tuning algorithms that optimally allocate available financial assistance.

By optimizing funding allocations to admitted applicants, Virtue Analytics drives considerable reduction in over and under funding of students. Virtue Analytics recent clients have reported:

1. Increase in Net Tuition Revenue between 5% and 11%.
2. A 6% to 8% reduction of the freshman discount rate over just two recruiting seasons.

Check out this two-minute video testimonial from a Virtue Analytics client:

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