Sunday, March 7

Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Higher Ed Connects community. This community serves to support community members while strengthening and growing members’ leadership skills. One of those skills is effective communication and discourse. Toward that end, we have these guidelines for our community.

  • Bring your best self. Leadership doesn’t end at your office door. Never behave in a way that you would be ashamed (or worse) if your biggest donors, the news media, or the people in charge of your performance review were here with you.
  • Personal attacks and name-calling will be removed.
  • Hate speech of any sort is not permitted. This includes, but isn’t limited to, attacks based on race, religion, origins, sexual orientation, or gender identity.
  • No one likes spam. Don’t do it. Whether you have found the diet pills that enhance leadership and your figure so well that you’ve become a distributor or you need a sponsor for the dance-a-thon, share outside this community. 
  • While this community is made up of adults, gratuitous vulgarity and strong profanity isn’t permitted. You have an extensive vocabulary, use alternatives.
  • Threats of violence, illegal acts, or encouraging others to break the law will be removed and reported to law enforcement where appropriate.
  • Don’t respond to posts that you feel violate our code of conduct. Those responses, even if we agree or are touched by them will be removed. Flag it or notify our team by email.
  • Questions about moderation will not be entertained in the community. Additionally, we will not discuss steps we’ve taken on other community members accounts and their postings.  If you have a question about moderation, email our community team at 

We look forward to your participation and help in growing a vibrant, wonderful community of leadership discourse.