Sunday, August 25

Bursting the Campus Technology Bubble, Part Two


by Gordon Freedman

This is the second in our two-part series on Bursting the Campus Technology Bubble. Read Part One here. This article is abridged, and the full original article can be found at

A New Twist: Three Column Strategic “Campus Value Accounting”

At the center of the technology and data twister problem is the fact that all technology and data work on campus is inherently tactical. Currently, it is about fitting technology solutions to administrative offices and academic departments, rather than to a strategic framework that guides campuses at a higher level for their whole mission delivery.

The campus mission is a blend of service, administration, and outcomes—all of which need to live within a budgetary reality that projects attendance realities.

If the focus is on one-off licensing of multiple solutions (times ten), the end service is not likely to fit what is needed to attract and retain students, as well as bring costs down and service regional and national employers.

There should be inherent mission guidance from the president and trustees that gates the fusion of technology and mission to the delivery of services and return on investment.

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